Meghan Re-Wears Her Engagement Announcement Dress for the WellChild Awards (The Feels!)

Alright, y’all, let’s take a break from the Cams and focus on this sweetness for a minute, shall we?

Last Tuesday — which I’m a little behind on because I had some EXTREME technical difficulties as I got this bad boy off the ground, which I hope you’ll forgive! — Harry and Meghan headed to the WellChild Awards in London, and Meghan did the ultimate aw-worthy re-wear: She whipped out her emerald-green P.A.R.O.S.H. engagement announcement dress!

Photo by Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Ah, the memories! You can’t appreciate it as much here, of course — it really got its time to shine during their interview later that day — but I loved the bow detail at the waist then, and I still love it now.

As opposed to last time’s white wrap coat and strappy heels, this time she switched it up with a camel Sentaler coat, caramel Manolos, and a pretty little tortoise Montunas purse with handle made out of a scarf — a detail that I love.

Anybody who’s gone through the process of choosing what to wear for an engagement shoot — even if it’s not shot at, say, Kensington Palace and then shared with, oh, just the whole world (MEEP) — can attest how much thought goes into that ensemble. You want something you’ll feel like a zillion bucks in, and it will always be sentimental to you. I’m sure that’s no different for Meghan, so I find the reappearance of this dress extremely sweet! (Same as how I feel about Harry getting all choked up talking about Archie during his speech. ? Link to the video here if you haven’t seen!) 

This dress also continues our trend of Princesses Wearing Emerald, as Kate wore that stunning green Jenny Packham in Pakistan last week, too. 

So what does that mean? More green dresses! And a few with a bow accent at the waist, too, as I personally find that to be the defining detail of this sheath. You can shop ‘em all below!

XO, Rose

P.S. Who’s gearing up for the Harry and Meghan documentary on ABC tomorrow? Even though I’ve caught a few clips online, I am ready to be GLUED to the screen. (Unrelated: I can’t remember the last time I watched something live, lol. The royals! They’ll do that to a girl.) 

Lead photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

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