Want to Feel a Little Royal During the Quarantine? Make Like Me & My Friends and Hold a Virtual High Tea

As I hope you know, I don’t just call you queens, my queens — I want you to always feel like one, too! 

And thanks to one of my genius friends, Jessica — the woman behind the royal DIY headband tutorial I recently posted, the first in a series! Second one’s dropping later this week — I think I have just the thing for these quarantined times: 

A virtual high tea! 

A quaran-tea, if you will. 

(Yes, friends, I’m here all week.) 

Here’s the gist: Once a week — in our case, every Sunday at 2 p.m. — all the members of our girl gang gussy themselves up (obviously, I was inspired by Kate’s pink M&S suit up top ^), pour themselves a cuppa, and grab something sweet, then pop a squat somewhere cozy and ring in to our Google Hangout (or FaceTime! Or Zoom!). 

We sip the tea. We spill the tea. (As much tea as there is to spill in a lockdown.) And we soak up each other’s faces for an hour — or two! (Sometimes even longer!)  

My friends! <3

These little digital rendezvous feel special and sacred to us, because even if we can’t share the same space at the moment, it’s so nice to confirm that yes, MY FRIENDS ARE STILL OUT THERE! 

And I just have to say it: It feels DAMN nice to have a reason to shower, put on my face, and wear something other than PJs! 

(While my #30DaysofKate is still going strong — and I love putting on something nice for a little bit each day! — the majority of my reality is a little more #30DaysofLoungewear.) 

And you know who else loves it? The wild doodle, Colette, who very much appreciates the snacking portion of these high teas. ?

All of which to say, if you and your people are looking for a way to make your next video chat a little more snazzy, I couldn’t recommend the virtual high tea enough. 

AND, if you’re Zooming and want to make it EVEN snazzier, I just uploaded seven royal-themed Zoom backgrounds for you, so you can really get into the spirit. (You’re welcome. ?) 

Happy sipping!

Xo, Rose

P.S. I don’t believe my Kensington Palace mug is available anymore from Historic Royal Palaces (?), but they do have this cool one! And I linked a perty Buckingham Palace one below.

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