Kate’s Rugged-Chic Ensemble for Day 3 of #RoyalVisitPakistan — and a Hat to Match Diana’s

My royal friends! Yesterday was the third day — second full day — of Kate and Will’s Royal Tour of Pakistan, and I am thrilled to report, this style hits just keep on coming!

And they happen to be nostalgic, too. <3

But let me back up! So our duchess decided to go more casual for day 3 — a sensible choice, as she and Will spent their whole day outside, visiting the mountains of the north to see the effects of global warming on the Chiatibo glacier, and meeting with the people of the Chitral District to learn about their customs firsthand. 

Needless to say, the Jenny Packham stayed home. But that didn’t mean she was any less chic. (A few people on Twitter compared her outfit to Princess Leia’s in the latest Star Wars trilogy, and honestly, I see that!) 

The specifics are a mix of old and new: Kate re-wore her tried-and-true Really Wild Clothing Nubuck Waistcoat paired with a dark brown button-up (according to Twitter, possibly a dress!), a milk chocolate-hued midi skirt, her Really Wild Spanish Boots, and a pair of funky, gold Missoma earrings. In place of the dupattas she’s been wearing, she added a camel-colored wool scarf, though she did also don a detailed beige dupatta, a gift from the Scouts when she arrived in Chitral, as she’s known for her work with the Scouts back home. (Very sweet!) 

Chitral, actually, is where all the exciting accessories came in, because the locals gifted both Kate and Will with pieces from the area, including beautifully embroidered coats and Chitrali hats, which they sported throughout the day.

Photo by Samir Hussein – Pool/Getty Images

The colors! So beautiful. And they really seemed to have a ball. 

Photo by Samir Hussein – Pool/Getty Images

This really sweet picture (above) is from a chat Kate had with a group of local ladies, who taught her how to say thank you in the native tongue. (You can watch her asking and then repeating after them here!) 

But to take it back to the hats for a moment: The story of the day was that when Diana visited Pakistan in 1991, she visited the same place and wore the same Chitrali hat. So when Will arrived, the locals handed him an album of photos from Diana’s trip, wearing the same hat and experiencing the same culture he was about to. (I know! *tear*) 

Photo by Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

If you loved Kate’s look here, I linked to all the known pieces she’s wearing above, plus a few look-alike pieces below. After all, it is definitely boot weather where I am right now! 

XO, Rose 

Lead photo by Samir Hussein – Pool/Getty Images

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